You’ve heard us praise the many accolades of Pinterest. It’s a favorite tool for many bloggers, direct sellers, and small business owners for driving traffic, promoting content, and ultimately boosting sales. But there is a lot more to Pinterest than simply promoting your products or blog posts. Here are three ways you can use Pinterest to grow your business even without pinning a single promotional pin.

3 Ways Bloggers Can Use Pinterest (besides just promoting their products)

1. Content Inspiration

Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration. Step into your ideal clients’ shoes and think about some of the things they are likely looking for, then run the same search and see what topics come up. In no time, you’ll see recurring themes, ideas, and topics that relate to your business or blog. Use these searches to create a list of ideas for future blog posts.

2. Keyword Research

Pinterest’s built-in search tool is the perfect place to start your keyword research in two ways. First, as you begin typing in a word related to your blog or business, Pinterest shows you the top searches containing that keyword:

Using Pinterest for Keyword Research

Additionally, once you select your initial keyword, Pinterest tells you other terms people search for along with your keyword, sorted from the most searched to least searched from left to right:

Using Pinterest for Keyword Research

And if you click further onto one of those additional keyword, Pinterest will continue to show you the most searched terms included with your searches:

Using Pinterest for Keyword Research

And it will continue to do so until it runs out of search data to show you. This makes gathering your keywords for use on Pinterest easier and more streamlined. No more guessing at what your readers are searching for: simply start with a keyword and follow the trails all the way through until you’ve built a library of primary keywords and secondary, longtail keywords.

3. Add the Human Element Back In

Have you ever received photographs, reviews, testimonials, emails, thank you notes, or other positive feedback from your readers or customers? Why not show those off in a testimonials board on Pinterest? Or, create a Behind-the-Scenes board to house your favorite behind the scenes photos and antics. You can even create collaborative boards for your partners, affiliates, or clients. Pinterest is a powerful search engine, but it is also still viewed through human eyes — and those human eyes often like to make a human connection.

What fun and creative uses can you think of for Pinterest?


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