Want to hear some really depressing social math?

80% of people aren’t seeing your content. That’s 8 out of every 10 people. 80 out of 100. 800 out of 1000. Why? They aren’t online when you post. They unfollowed your channel. They’re at work, sleeping, eating dinner, or dining with the Queen. Heck, I dunno, they’re just not following your every move. (Shocking, I know – why aren’t they following your every move?!)

16% are your lurkers and occasionals. These are the people who peek in occasionally, your content pops up in their feed, or they are brought out by high-engagement content. They know who you are, but you might not know who *they* are by name or face.

And finally, 4% are your actives. Your 4%ers see everything. They socialize, chat, hang out, and become your tribe. They know your jokes, your kids’ names, and if you changed your hairstyle or lipstick (and will quickly point it out when you do a Facebook Live – #truestory). You know them by name. They’re your core.

Yes, that means we have some really basic 80/20 rule math here. 80% of people aren’t seeing your content. 20% of your community delivers 80% of your overall engagement.

We spend all our time obsessing over the 80% we aren’t reaching, rather than taking care of the 20% we are. Truth bomb, y’all. We obsess over this. We fret over the impact to sales, engagement, growth, and well, everything.
My challenge for you is this: go look at your stats, insights, or analytics and see if the 80/20 rule is alive and well in your social communities. And then look at the content your people engage most on. Give them more of that. Thank your tribe for being your 4%ers. Keep your core happy, and they will help you grow your base and invite new people in. They really will.

Because everyone needs to know when you change your hairstyle or lipstick.

#EmpowerSocial #ThankYou

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