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It’s that time of year!  New Fall and holiday collections are coming out in all the direct sales brands, and soon social media will be flooded with images of new jewelry collections, Fall apparel, Fall makeup trends, and candles that will make your house smell like a cinnamon-doused pine forest.

Here’s are some suggestions on how to approach your Fall and holiday launches, and still maintain your own personal brand identity.

  1. DON’T share the same images that every other consultant in your direct sales brand is sharing, at least not on public social media, and definitely not on the same day that everyone else is.  If 500 other people are posting the same image, do you think yours is going to stand out?  Probably not.
  2. DO private message, email, text those corporate/brand images to your personal customers and contacts, so you can tailor the message to them personally.  Key word, personally.
  3. DO create your own original graphics.  Get friendly with your phone’s camera, and use mobile editing apps or PicMonkey.com.
  4. DO continue to channel your own voice, if not in the graphic directly, then in the written post.  You are working on differentiating yourself from what you sell, and from the other hundreds or thousands of other consultants selling the same thing.
  5. DO get creative with hashtags.  Use seasonal or holiday hashtags (especially on Instagram and Twitter) that will expand your potential reach.
  6. DO continue to show personality and purpose in your content.  Showcasing Halloween?  Share funny or interesting pics of Halloween-themes, maybe include yourself in the image.  Share purposeful tips about the holiday, that would be of interest to your target demographic.  Keep your 3 P’s of social content balanced – personality, purposeful, promotion.
  7. DO create suspense.  Posting 10 images all at once leaves no room to create mystery and interest with your fans and followers.  Post a teaser image…  then post another later.
  8. DO use calls to action on your social media posts.  Ask your fans and followers for their best holiday memory, or their favorite candle scent, or their favorite new piece of jewelry in your collection.
  9. DO think about your broader marketing strategy, in line with your personal voice and personal branding.  The content you are putting out now, should still look and feel similar to what you’ve posted in the past, and will post in the future.

Your corporate brand is likely providing you with amazing social media assets, and they are great for corporate brand consistency.  Now YOU have to think about your own brand identity.  If you want to stand out online, you have to be different.  This means thinking differently and strategically about how to approach your original content and online presence, and sprinkling in your own original content and quirky awesomeness.

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