Why are the 3 Ps of Social Media Content Strategy important?

Because sometimes, those 3 Ps are all you have to help you stand out from other consultants you are selling the same brand and the same products you’re selling. Those 3 Ps are all that’s keeping you from blending into the sea of direct sellers.

Messaging your friends and family and asking them to host parties for you will work for a while… but mastering the 3 Ps of social content is going to help you build a sustainable business that attracts new customers and new hosts over to you.

Listen to this episode to learn more about the 3 Ps of social media content strategy and how easy it can be to implement them into your marketing strategy right away.

The 3 Ps of Social Media Content Strategy

Hey y’all, hey!

It’s Brenda Ster with Sassy Suite. Welcome back to the Suite! You guys, every Monday and Thursday here on the page, we do little mini training tips, all with the goal of helping direct sellers do social marketing better.

All of our little training videos are like five minutes or less. They’re super easy, they’re bite size, and you can share them with your team so everyone can learn together and talk about them and help do marketing better.

Our goal, you guys eliminate spam. No spam, no burning out your warm network, do marketing the right way, and you’re gonna have a much better chance of helping your business grow.

So this whole month, We’ve been talking about the basics, the fundamentals of social marketing. On last video I talked about ideal client, who you’re talking to is really specific and important in connecting the right message.

Now we’re going to extend that now and talk a little bit about what we call the 3 Ps of Social Content.

I created the 3 Ps when we first started the Suite and it was the easiest way to break down your content mix, so that you are posting the right things that attract your ideal client to you. So knowing who we’re talking to is ideal client. Now the message that we give to her is 3 Ps.

So 3 Ps stands for Personality, Purposeful and Promotional.

Personality, purposeful and promotional!

And the mix of this content is what is going to get your ideal client engaging with you.

Now, chances are you’ve already heard somewhere along the way that 75 to 80% of your posts on social media should not be about business, right? Not be about business, and you’re like, well, what are they supposed to be about then Brenda, I’m not posting about business. What am I posting?

What you’re posting is personality; get to know me content, social, entertainment, community content, that’s all personality content. Or purposeful content that serves your community.

Purposeful content is the content that gives them value. Anything that’s going to be entertaining or — I’m sorry, anything that’s going to be educational, informational, anything that’s going to help them, when they come to social media because they have a very specific question that they’re seeking out and they want answers.

The reason that we follow articles and magazines, those are all purpose–that’s all purposeful content.

The reason we follow entertainment and celebrities, that’s all personality content.

Now here’s the thing: when you post less information about your business, when you post less promotion, you’re going to see your engagement go up because promotional content — buy my stuff, book a party, join my team, chronic over, over, over, over posting are all the things — that people then say, “Oh my God, she’s just spammy. She’s posting too much business.”

Because you’re not creating value for why somebody would want to follow you.

They follow you because of your personality content and your purposeful content.

They follow you because you’re posting of things, other than your business.

So our goal then is to create the mix of how you put those pieces together, how you put the right content planning together.

So you’re posting personality that leads to purposeful, that leads to promotional. You’re creating that content mix. So people say, “I love following her because she’s interesting and funny and I learned things and our community is awesome.”

So what we’re really doing is earning the right to create a promotional post. We earn the right to sell, right? We have to build trust and relationship value that gives us the right to sell into a community.

We can’t open with the sale, because there’s no relationship there.What we do is we earn the right to sell and that’s an important piece of how you lead with personality and purposeful content first.

Now, if you have not yet grabbed our Kickstart Workbook,Kickstart Workbook, you guys, Kickstart Your Direct Sales Social Marketing Strategy. It’s 34 pages of awesomeness, and we have a whole section dedicated to content. What lifestyle content mix will attract her to me? Personality, purposeful promotional right there.

So you guys, if you have not grabbed this workbook yet, grab it, share it with your team, or share the link with your team so they can grab it on their own, and then come back and tell me what you think. Because our goal is to provide the roadmap to help someone build their marketing plan.

This is all about doing direct sales better.

It’s all about doing direct sales, truly, in a nonspammy, nonannoying way that doesn’t burn out our and warm network where they say, Oh, more promotional posts.

We don’t have to keep on going back to cold messages.

We don’t have to go back to the well of guilt posts, because guess what? You guys, we’re continually drawing people toward us with our personality, with our attraction and with our value.Because we say I’ve got things to offer besides just what I sell.That’s lifestyle content and that’s 3P’s posting. So, hey, grab your workbook if you have not yet, sassysuite.com/kickstartworkbook, share this little mini video with your team, and have a conversation about this. Talk about what is 3 Ps content. What is lifestyle content? How am I mixing up my content?

So it’s more than just sharing the same corporate images that everybody else is sharing. How am I weaving me into the social narrative?

All right guys, I will see you next time. Hope you’re having a great day! Bye guys.

Onward and upward!


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