So you’re thinking about joining TRIBE in 2020? FANTASTIC! Here’s my Full Review of Stu McLaren’s TRIBE, plus some “Suite” bonuses!

If you’ve stumbled across this post, it means you’re looking for information about TRIBE, Stu McLaren’s signature program.

So let’s get into it!

Full disclosure, I am a passionate Stu champion and advocate, and have will have some AMAZING TRIBE bonuses this year. TRIBE saved my business last year (more on that later). Please read my affiliate statement, as I will earn a small commission if you decide to join TRIBE with me in 2020.


Stu is the an online marketer and professional business coach who specializes in empowering business owners and entrepreneurs to serve their communities and create recurring revenue through memberships.

Stu has coached literally thousands of business owners to create 5, 6 and 7 figure memberships – including ME. In fact, as a client and student of Stu’s, he helped me fix my own membership group resulting in bringing it back up to a high 6-figure annual membership.

Stu’s approach is completely unique in the online marketing and coaching industry.

He’s high energy.

He’s a huge cheerleader.

He’s passionate about his community.

He’s passionate about serving.

He’s a family man.

He doesn’t believe in working 80 hours a week in a hard hustle.

He believes in creating value through serving, and stability through recurring revenue.

He shares information freely.

He celebrates big and small successes.

He’s literally the pocket best friend you didn’t know you needed in your business.

His clients span a huge range of industries and niches, including food, health, fitness, animals, business coaches, music, art, meditation, spirituality, marketing, crafts, travel, and more. Brand new entrepreneurs, to 7-, 8- and 9- figure coaches and industry leaders.

The array of businesses in his community is truly stunning.


TRIBE is Stu McLaren’s signature training program that teaches entrepreneurs to create recurring revenue in their businesses through membership.

TRIBE is broken down into four components. TRIBE is so thoroughly comprehensive that he only opens the doors to the free workshop once per year.

It’s the entry point to the entire TRIBE universe, and it’s where you absolutely need to start.

  1. The free TRIBE Workshop
  2. The TRIBE course (with my “Suite” bonuses, of course!)
  4. TRIBE Connect


Y’all, this is where it starts.

The free TRIBE Workshop is where Stu outlines the whole membership model and strategy and is actively HANDS ON answering questions, and helping everyone understand if a membership would be right for their business.

In 2020, each part of the workshop is being held LIVE, with full replay access. Stu is directly hands-on with the thousands of people engaging in and watching the workshop. Each part of the workshop also includes a LIVE Q+A with Stu, where questions are answered and you can learn exactly how a membership can work in your business.

Stu literally hands over his entire membership blueprint in part 3. It’s insane the amount of value he pours into the free workshop.


Review of Stu McLaren's TRIBE

Once the workshop is over, Stu opens up the cart for those who wish to have Stu and team coach you through the actual implementation of your own membership, following the blueprint he provided in the workshop.

The TRIBE Course includes:

  • Early join bonuses (sign up early, get them all!!)
  • A private “TRIBE Experience 2020” Facebook group
  • Multiple weekly Stu “10 in 10” live Q+A sessions right in the Facebook group, with full replay access
  • Full access to the TRIBE course materials and workbooks (bonus, you have access to your TRIBE course forever, and can buy future year upgrades at a steep discount!)
  • Content creators for actual launch scripts, email sequences, and launch calendars
  • Founding Member launch scripts (where people have literally doubled or tripled their TRIBE investment during the course, with a founding member launch)
  • Celebratory Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • TONS of celebrations throughout the course, focused on helping students move through the material and see successes
  • Your ticket to TRIBE Live
  • PLUS… My TRIBE bonuses, valued at over $5000!

The TRIBE Course breakdown:

Following is the TRIBE Course breakdown from 2019. 2020 will be updated (and better), but will likely follow a similar outline.

  • INTRODUCTION – 5 Lessons
  • FOUNDATION – 9 Lessons
  • CONTENT – 8 Lessons
  • MARKETING TACTICS – 11 Lessons
  • RETENTION – 9 Lessons
  • GROWTH – 10 Lessons

All lessons also include workbooks, and full transcripts and audio files.

Here’s the real deal.

TRIBE is the most valuable course I’ve **EVER** taken.

Stu’s approach to helping people find clarity in their message, their value, their market, and their strategy is unparalleled.

And the ability to create recurring revenue in this time of pandemic uncertainty, where people are online more than ever, there is literally no better time for TRIBE than right now.


TRIBE LIVE is Stu’s in-person event, and it is by far the best business event I’ve ever attended. (And I work in direct sales. I attend a lot of conventions and conferences!)

You get a ticket to TRIBE Live with your TRIBE course purchase. It’s pretty much reason enough to join TRIBE. 🙂

Review of Stu McLaren's TRIBE

In fact… I shared my own TRIBE success story from the stage last year (2019). It was a HUGE honor, and I pretty much died of excitement and nerves.

Review of Stu McLaren's TRIBE


TRIBE Connect is Stu’s own membership group. You can only join once a year, and it’s opened exclusively to TRIBE alumni.

I was a member of TRIBE Connect this year, and the focus is entirely on continuing to help people make progress in their membership, deepen their relationships with their members, and improve all aspects of their launches.

TRIBE Connect members get free access to the TRIBE course in future years, plus a ticket to TRIBE Live. It’s a pretty sweet deal.


TRIBE Workshop:

April 23, 2020 – Workshop 1: Discover the Three Market Indicators of a High Profitable Membership

April 27, 2020 – Workshop 2: The Four Real Reasons Why People Buy (and it’s not what you think)

April 30, 2020 – Workshop 3: Stu’s Step by Step Blueprint for Starting or Growing a Highly Profitable Membership

TRIBE Course:

Join TRIBE with the Suite Bonuses! (Cart closes on May 7, 2020, 11:59pm PT!)

Opening Ceremonies: May 11, 2020!

Graduation Ceremonies: July 9, 2020!

(And yes, I do mean CEREMONIES – they make a huge deal about their members!)


As I mentioned, I’m a TRIBE affiliate and partner. In fact, Stu joined me for an amazing live session on why need a membership. You can watch that here.

I’m so passionate about what TRIBE did for my business, that I created my own bonuses to share with those who join TRIBE with me in 2020.

It’s valued at over $5000, and is in my opinion one of the better bonus bundles out there. Whether you need graphics, trackers, or more support for implementation of your TRIBE experience from someone who is a TRIBE Stage 5 success story, my bonuses are designed to help you get your own membership up and running and making you money.

Review of Stu McLaren's TRIBE

But my favorite of the whole bonus bundle?

My exclusive launch planner. TRIBE will provide you amazing Content Creators to help you build your launch scripts, workshop, and emails. He’ll also provide you a calendar and task list.

We took all that and put it into a master tracker so you can project manage your launch, and link out to all your resources and files.

Review of Stu McLaren's TRIBE

CLICK HERE to grab all my bonuses. Did I mention there were 6 bonuses? And they’re all awesome? Yea… just sayin.


Bottom line: if a building recurring revenue is part of your business strategy, Stu McLaren’s TRIBE Course is the only program out there that is going to guide you through the exact blueprint whether you’re brand new and have no idea if a membership is right for you, or if you’re an established membership site owner and want to refine and scale.

Stu has coached thousands of business owners to 6- and 7- figure membership programs. He is simply the best in this subject area.

And I’m proud to partner with him, and go through TRIBE again myself this year to refine and enhance my own memberships.

I hope you join me in the TRIBE community!


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