I always say that direct sellers should have two things:  a blog and a YouTube channel. We’ll save the YouTube channel for another day. But if you are in direct sales and you do not have a blog, I strongly recommend you think about adding this to the other platforms you are using to market your business.  So let’s dig in to why you should be blogging for your direct sales business.

“But Brenda, why blogging?”

Let me tell you! Blogging gives you a platform that is uniquely yours, to share your unique voice, attract your tribe and speak to them in a way your corporate office never will. You’ll be sharing your authentic voice, what makes you, YOU. It is the single-most best way to literally set yourself apart from the thousands of other consultants in your company. And I also always say that people will buy from those they know, like, and trust. Help customers choose you out of the sea of other representatives for XYZ Company. Sharing your authentic voice through your blog helps them get to know you.

If they are your tribe, they may find they have things in common with you and wish they could be your new BFF. And when you provide valuable content, information and customer service to them, they will trust you. These are all things your corporate office is unable to provide for you. Their interest is in promoting the corporate brand, expanding the corporate brand’s market and increasing overall sales. They may provide you with support and training, but they are likely not interested in promoting YOU individually. Their policies and procedures are actually intended to make sure that all consultants operate in a uniform way.  Side note:  check your own company’s compliance rules about blogging.  Follow the rules, yo. 

Blogging can also set you apart from your upline or other members of your team. If you are using the same posts and images and verbiage others are using, you’re just another voice singing someone else’s tune. When you put things into your own words, share them in a way that shows your personality and gives your audience value, now you’re the one people are going to remember and they’re going to want to come to you because you have shown them something that’s unique. Speak on things you are familiar with, that you know well and you will begin to be seen as an expert. People will come to you with their questions and needs and refer their family and friends to you when they have needs… because you’re the expert.  You don’t need to be an expert in everything about your brand, to speak competently on something, in a few paragraphs.

Ultimately, you’re drawing your ideal customer to you. Even though there may be tens or hundreds of thousands of customers… maybe millions, YOUR ideal customer is probably different from the ideal customer of any other person doing the same thing you do. It’s a perfect example of “you do you”. And the person next to you who is doing the same thing, they do them. And the people who like what you are sharing because they have learned who you are and have come to trust you, are going to buy from you.  Or continue to refer to your blog as a source of information and value.

One of the biggest points about blogging for your direct business, is it can establish a larger (perhaps even global) community. Most everyone starts out with their warm market, family, friends, people they already know when they begin a direct sales business. What do you do when you run out of those people? This is even a concern many have before beginning a direct sales business. Blogging takes you there.  Where do people turn when they have a question?  Google.  Bloggers who focus on writing good content, maximizing their search engine optimization, and have a solid promotional strategy can “get found” quickly, and then funnel the reader to your next interaction point – Facebook page?  Group?  Email list?  That’s how blogging serves your social strategy.

We have several blogging services available.  First, the Socialite Suite is our free social media tips for group for direct sellers.  Suite Bloggers is our free group for support, encouragement and discussion of blogging strategies for direct sellers.  Then, we hold our 3x yearly Blogging Boot Camp to take you from beginner step 1 (blog?  what’s a blog?!) to a fully functional self-hosted blog.  Checkout our Portfolio of blogging and design clients who have developed their blogging strategies through our boot camp!  Get on my email list and get notified as soon as we open registration (psst, it will be soon!)


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