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Networking, coaching and support for independent consultants launching or growing a direct sales business across all brands.

Suite Communities for Direct Sales, Network Marketers, and MLM Consultants

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Social Marketing for Direct Sellers, with Brenda Ster

  • Heavy focus on new direct sellers just getting ready to launch or new to social marketing.
  • Learn how to build a content strategy to sell products for a company you represent (but don’t own).
  • Discover ways to brand yourself and find your ideal client even in a “saturated” market.
  • Receive a FREE copy of my 34-page workbook, Step-By-Step Guide to Kickstart Your Direct Sales Social Marketing Strategy, upon joining.

Elite Suite

  • Detailed instruction and premium coaching to build a comprehensive social media strategy for any direct sales business.
  • Learn how to build online funnels designed to help you engage with and grow your customer base.
  • Participate in monthly challenges and strategy sessions designed to help you see measurable results in sales.
  • Discover ways to build and effectively lead a team of motivated independent consultants.
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