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The Suite encourages you to bravely be you while you reach for the success in business you desire. The community of support, education available, and resources to make things happen all come together cohesively. I recommend the Suite to everyone I meet who is starting their Direct Sales Business!

Melendy Johnson

LuLaRoe Retailer

Brenda and the team are brilliant! They teach better ways to market and run your business, but in truth, their lessons are great to apply to your life. Focus. Discipline. Authenticity.

Dolores Pfeuffer-Scherer

Owner, Panache Boutique

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Thank you, Brenda and your amazing Team!

I hate being Spammy but I also never knew how to implement gaining new customers. With your amazing courses I have been able to draw new people to my group while showing my personality, being purposeful and not super promotional (aka SPAMMY). THANK YOU AGAIN!

~Alissa Sidebottom

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The 3 Ps training by Brenda and her clan was both fun and insightful and full of ah-hah moments. There were lots of times when I was so impressed with their knowledge and strategies. I hope to incorporate as much as I can into my social media posts and create that funnel to my business to help it grow. Thank you for all the amazing insights!

~Cathy Mach

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Thank you!!

This month I learned so so much about the 3 Ps! Not only what they were but how to implement them into my posting, where to find content and how to find a happy balance between the 3. There is a way to get people to want to be a part of your community without being pushy or salesy. Thanks to Brenda, Windy and all the other wonderful ladies in the Elite Suite my group is growing organically.

~Kristin Songe

The Best!

Brenda and the Sassy Suite is the absolute best place to learn how to work your Direct Sales business the right way and how to create long lasting results!

~Judith Johnson

This is the place to start!

If you are a small business owner or a direct seller using social media – the guidance Brenda Ster and Sassy Suite provides is dead on. You will learn how to organically build your business with NO spammy techniques. This IS the place to start.

~Haylee Moore

All the tools you need!

ALL the tools to build your own business the right non-spammy, non-annoying, relationship-based, delivered in an easily understood and at-your-own-pace method!

~Leigh Ann Novak

Can't go wrong!

If you’re looking to advance your small business though better marketing, scheduling yourself, mindset, learning new platforms or fine tuning your skill sets, look no further. Brenda and team are great coaches who will guide you through what you need to succeed! I highly recommend the free groups and the premium Elite Suite for your small business marketing and promotional needs.

~Toree Vela

Thank you Brenda Ster and Team!

Brenda and her team are absolutely awesome! They know exactly what direct sellers need to make their businesses successful. I’ve taken several of the courses, boot camps and one mastermind, all have been excellent. The coaching provided in the Elite Suite is worth more than its weight in gold and has not only developed me on the business side but has definitely changed me as a person.

~Heather Cates

Where can I even begin. I encountered the Suite, luckily in the early part of my Direct Sales journey. It was something I never considered until a friend suggested I join her team. When I decided to join, she said before you do anything download the 3 P’s & take the Epic Party course. I did exactly that, but it was all foreign to me because I was new to direct sales. Using the various roads available within the Suite – I have GROWN so much personally ad professionally. I have met the most remarkable individuals, some IRL at Sassy Con. The first word that comes to mind is THANK YOU!
THANK You for being an inspiration and our cheerleader. What you have built is a legacy.

Chalisse Wilson

Pamper Haus, Lemongrass Spa

As a retired teacher, I know how to coral 60 teenagers in one room, but I had never learned how to run a business. I am so grateful that I found Sassy Suite! I have learned so much from being in The Elite Suite for 8 months, that I “graduated” to the advanced group. I am now learning how to monetize my social strategies to create passive income for the future.

If you want to learn how to run your business based on attraction marketing and leave your spammy ways behind, Brenda and her team have what you need. You won’t regret investing in your personal and professional development.

Clydene Balk

EZPZ Nail Polish

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