Sassy Suite Copyright and Usage Policy

All content on the Sassy Suite website is protected by U.S. copyright and other applicable copyright laws and may not be copied without the express permission of Sassy Suite, which reserves all rights. Plagiarism or any use of Sassy Suite content for any purpose without Sassy Suite’s permission is strictly prohibited.

If you would like to use any Sassy Suite content (including profiles, blog posts, and topical pieces for your respective site), publish using our RSS feeds or use the first two paragraphs, then please link to the actual article found on the Sassy Suite website.

Reprint Permission

You may download, reformat, and print a limited amount of Sassy Suite content for your personal, noncommercial or educational use. You may also include excerpts or limited portions of no more than one to two sentences of Sassy Suite information in printed memos, reports, and presentations. If you choose to do this, please attribute the material to us by including: “Used with permission from Sassy Suite, Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.”

Any other reproduction of Sassy Suite content requires permission from us. All commercial uses of Sassy Suite content require our permission, including but not limited to the following:

1. Use of Sassy Suite content in advertisements and/or promotions;

2. Use of Sassy Suite logo;

3. Use of quotes, excerpts, or full text of Sassy Suite blog posts, updates, and opinions.

How to get permission

To get permission, please email with the phrase “Request Permission to use Content” in the subject line.

Brand Guidelines

We’re pretty proud of our fancy logo and care a lot about how it’s shared in the world.  We respectfully request that you adhere to the following brand guidelines when displaying our assets.

  • Standard Display – In most cases, please use our standard logo, in black, with the green dot accent as pictured below. Our black logo should always appear on a white background.
  • Should your design or reference to our logo require an alternate background color, please contact us at to obtain expressed permission prior to publication.
  • No other brand assets published by Sassy Suite are available for personal, public or commercial use without prior written consent.