If you are actively using Instagram as part of your direct seller social strategy, you know the biggest frustration and complaint – only one link in bio permitted!  The only active link was in your profile. Until now! A new tool is available that changes the link game on Instagram. Follow this easy tutorial to create multiple links on Instagram.

Best part?

It takes less than 10 minutes!

Preview of what your profile will look like after setup:

create multiple links on Instagram sassysuite.com
  1.  Follow this link to Linktree.
  2. Login with your Instagram account.
  3. Specify the links you want to create by clicking the Add New Button/Link at the top.
create multiple instagram links
creating multiple instagram links

4.  As you add new links, you can change the order by dragging the three dots on the left.  Slide the indicator to green, to “turn on” that link.

5.  Your new links will appear in the preview to the right, with your personal URL at the top.  Add this URL to your Instagram profile.

creating multiple instagram links

6.  Click on Settings at the top of the screen to change your link page color.

creating multiple instagram links

Bonus Tip:

You can create a personalized URL that redirects to your Linktree page, a couple different ways.

  • Purchase your own domain and do a basic domain redirect to your own Linktree URL.
  • If you have a self-hosted WordPress site, install the Pretty Links plug-in and do a mask redirect through your own site’s domain.

Here’s what that looks like:

Pretty Link redirect

This is a game changer for Instagram users.  If you’re a direct seller, create links to SHOP, HOST, JOIN, read your latest blog post, join your group, follow your channel or page, download your opt-in, or contact you!


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