I had a private message conversation this morning with someone who asked “how are all these people in the Suite having success?”

Deep question, let me answer this for everyone.

There are three big groups of resources available to everyone.

1 – Free resources here in the Suite (of which there are many – see the pinned post) that you need to sort through and use on your own
2 – Premium resources here in the Suite, which include video courses, boot camps, and private and group coachings
3 – The infinite universe of resources available to you online, from other coaches, your brand and upline, Pinterest/Google/YouTube

But before you jump in, you kinda have to know what your goal is, so you can then build your strategy. A few have asked “should I do the Instagram challenge?” And my response is always “I don’t know – is Instagram a channel you are focusing on growing?” Or “should I do Epic Facebook Party training?” And my response is “I don’t know – do you enjoy doing Facebook parties?”

Here in the Suite we provide resources for a ton of stuff – social channels, leadership, communication, sponsoring, blogging, etc….. if something isn’t part of YOUR goal and strategy, then don’t worry about it. Keep doing your thing, get consistent, and build your business where you enjoy being. The resources support your strategy. If you don’t know your strategy, or need help defining it, that’s what our premium resources are for – to help guide you toward that strategy.

Follow your own arrow. Stop worrying about where others are pointed.


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