There are many forms of marketing.

  • Network marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Cold marketing
  • Digital or print marketing
  • Attraction or relationship marketing
    …..and about a zillion more.

There are books and articles and research written about each, and each will claim they are the best method to reach prospects. I’m not disputing that each has a place in the marketing world.

In the Socialite Suite we focus on attraction and relationship marketing – attracting people to you because you are authentic, genuine, and not salesy and spammy. Attracting people to you because you are both relatable and aspirational, and people want to be around others who are positive.  Attracting people to you based on your personality and common interests, and building sustained friendships and relationships.

When we come across people who are using other methods, because that’s what they’re being taught, what they are modeling, what they have always done, it’s natural to say “but you’re not doing it right.” They might come off as salesy, spammy, or simply ineffective.

For example:

  • Someone who does mass mailing might send out 1000 flyers, and get responses on 2 – and calls it a success.
  • Someone who does cold calling might make 100 calls or send out 100 messages, and get 1 response – and calls it a success.

I much prefer to focus on activities that have a higher return based on my personal investment of time, effort, and sustained relationship value. I want to make 10 calls, and get responses on 6 of them, where I haven’t killed my potential to follow-up with them in the future.

So – someone else’s methods might not be our method, and we might know all the reasons that method has a lower overall return on investment. It might be natural to want to invite them all to the Suite. It’s okay if they don’t all want to come join us. There are other forms of marketing, and other forms of reaching prospects through value-based activities based on your own ROI.

You do you.


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