As you think about growing your direct sales team, consider the six different type of direct sales consultants that you are likely to encounter. If you understand someone’s motivation for joining as well as her short and long term goal, you’re more likely to build a strong rapport with your new team member, as you help them achieve their personal goal.

Discount Diva

  • The Discount Diva is a power user of your product, and she wants it all – for herself!  She likely joined for the discount, and will maintain her active status just by keeping herself in the latest new catalog items.  Keep her informed of new product offerings, and ways she can maximize her own discount such as with flash sales.

Short Timer

  • The short timer has a specific goal in mind.  She is saving money for a vacation, new appliances, or other specific purchase or event.  She will likely work consistently until her goal is met.  Keep her informed of ways she can maximize her earnings, such as with flash sales or promotions.

Part Timer

  • The part time consultant has a dedicated number of hours per week or month to dedicate to her business.  She wants to maintain her consistent part-time income, and may be motivated by challenges or incentives if it works within her timeframe.

Career Builder

  • The career builder wants a full-time future with your brand.  She will work aggressively and passionately to build her personal business and downline sales team.  She is striving for financial freedom and autonomy.  Keep her informed of ways to network, explore leadership opportunities, and grow her skill in sponsoring.  Challenges and incentives may be highly motivating for a career builder.

Social Consultant

  • The social sister joined to meet new people, make friends, attend meetings, receive recognition, and feel part of something larger than herself.  Social activities and recognition are likely more important to her than the financial outcomes of her business.  Keep her informed of opportunities to socialize, such as team meetings or trainings.  Be sure to include her in recognition activities.

Socially Conscious Consultant

  • This type of consultant joined your brand because she believes in the mission and values of the company, and will stand behind them.  She is an amazing brand ambassador, and wants to share the mission with others.  Encourage her to use her business for socially conscious activities, such as fundraisers.

As a personal example, I was a Career Builder with a direct sales company. It was my primary brand, and I loved it.  I will work 12 hours a day for myself, so I don’t have to work 8 hours a day for someone else.  But I am a Discount Diva with two other brands.  I love the products, and I joined just because I want it all – for myself!  My motivation and goals are completely different, and I stay active with my minimum volumes for my own reorders and new product releases.  However, I am not active with the social aspects of those teams, nor do I participate in challenges or incentives.  To the leaders of those teams, I am consistent and reliable, but will never be a rockstar.

Now the challenge comes when someone who doesn’t wish to build or mentor a team, sponsors new consultants – either passively or accidentally.  A Short Timer may end up building a team, and become a Part Timer.  Or, a Discount Diva may end up sponsoring someone, but inadvertently leave the mentoring to the upline.

When you understand the different types of direct sales consultants you may encounter on your team, it’s much easier to then target training, incentives, and communication to each specific consultant’s goal.  It can also help mitigate frustrations when someone isn’t responding to incentives.  They simply don’t reach that person’s goal.  Someone who is a Discount Diva likely has no interest in a team building incentive, that would likely be quite successful with the Career Builder.  Spend some time getting to know your consultants, and be candid in goal setting discussions.  It will help you both long-term, with realisitic expectations for team performance and engagement.  I also challenge you to look at your existing team.  Once you start categorizing people into the six types, it will become clearer how to focus your incentives, training, and communications, and also help alleviate frustrations with specific people who simply may not have the same goal or be the same type of consultant as you.

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