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Given the chance, the direct sales industry can change your life. Here are some of the top direct sales resources to help you get there.

Collaborative Communities

As a direct seller, you have a MUCH greater chance at realizing success in your business if you have a strong network of support around you. Surround yourself with others who are ambitious, motivated, high performing and who are truly invested in doing this business the right way through solid marketing principles rooted in building authentic relationships with your market, your clients, your team and your community.

Informative Resources

Not sure if you need a social marketing strategy? Interested in learning more about ways to increase your sales and build your team online? Grab a beverage, get comfortable and click here to read my latest posts on all things social marketing for direct sales.

Recommended Tools and Systems

Looking for the right tools to help you create social content, manage your customer relationships and support your direct sales business process? Look no further. I’ve curated a list of the tools I’ve personally used and would recommend so you don’t have to spend hours researching the options and wasting money on things you don’t need.

Looking for direct sales resources to help you build the life of your dreams? You’ve come to the right place!

In today’s modern marketplace, your clients want you to meet them where they are – ONLINE. They want to know your Instagram profile…What’s your Facebook page?…Do you have a website?…Can I follow you on Pinterest?…Do you Tweet? AHHH!!! Suddenly you need a social media marketing plan and have no idea where to start or are completely overwhelmed by the idea. I get it! The world of social media is constantly changing…how are you supposed to keep up with all of that AND manage your business?  And what are all these “algorithms” you’re constantly hearing about? How do you keep your business relevant online when it feels like your trying to hit a moving target?

Here’s the stark reality. Yes, you do need a social marketing plan, and yes, you do need to market your product or service online. That is where you’re going to get outside of the warm network of those who already know about your business and find new people in new markets – those who are actively looking for a solution to a problem; the solution your product or service provides. Those new prospects are out there, looking for you right this very second. Social marketing is how you will meet them where they are.

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The Ultimate List of Graphics Resources for Direct Sellers.

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How to Have a Successful Booking Blitz in 2020 (and fill your calendar).

Wondering about the best way to fill up your calendar with parties, events, and sales? If you’re sick and tired of the stress and agony that comes with “go for no 100 times” then read on – this will completely change the way you book parties.

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Latest Articles for Direct Sales Resources

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Tips for Becoming a Direct Sales Superstar in 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Sales

What do you mean by Direct Sales?

Direct sales is a form of retail sales in which the consumer or client purchases the product directly from the consultant or franchise, in a one-on-one environment (such as in their homes) without going through another store or venue.

What are the advantages of direct selling?

Working in direct sales is similar to working at any other business or affiliate franchise, in which the product and much of the market research and development has already been done. This allows you to start a business for much less money than traditional businesses. For the consumer, there is the advantage of being able to try or test out a product before buying, and you can enjoy demonstrations that is tailored to your personal tastes and preferences in a private and friendly environment.

How does the direct selling concept work?

A direct sales company sells their products directly to their customers outside of a store or fixed retail location.

How can I be the best at direct sales?

The best advice anyone can give you about succeeding in direct sales is to remain authentic to you. Come from a place of heart and sell from a place of caring and service rather than from a place of monetary gains. Of course, those monetary gains are important – they pay the bills. But if every decision you make comes from wanting to help and serve your customers, you’ll have a more sustainable and stronger success than if you try to trick, manipulate, or otherwise guilt anyone into buying from you.

What is an example of direct selling?

Anytime a consultant has gone to your home to sell a product, that is an example of direct sales: from encyclopedia sales to Avon to Amway, Mary Kay, to the more modern solutions like Origami Owl, GelMoment, and Stampin’ Up.

Is direct selling good?

Direct selling has had to battle against a bad reputation, but is growing in prestige and viability. In 2019, the World Direct Sales Association reported that direct sellers make up nearly 26% of the US workforce, having grown steadily during the years preceeding the report.

Who is the number one direct selling company?

The idea of a “number one” direct sales company is subjective. Amway reports the highest profits, which earns it the title year after year, but this number is based on revenue reported and they are also the oldest and most established direct sales company. The best direct sales company for you to join will be the one that aligns with your values and helps you carry out your overall mission.

Is direct sales a pyramid scheme?

Because of the recruiting aspect attributed to many direct sales companies and the bonuses that are sometimes tied to those recruiting aspects, direct sales often gets confused with a pyramid scheme. However, the major difference between the two is that a person can profit and make a sustainable living selling the products to their consumers without recruiting, people do not pay the person above them to join the company, and the profit comes directly via the sale of a valuable product. In a pyramid scheme, the people are the product, and the person makes money directly off the recruitment rather than through the sale of anything of value.

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