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Launching, growing, and thriving in direct sales presents its own unique set of challenges. From free community support to premium coaching, let me guide you to the direct sales success you’ve been dreaming of.

Collaborative Communities

As a direct seller, you have a MUCH greater chance at realizing success in your business if you have a strong network of support around you. Surround yourself with others who are ambitious, motivated, high performing and who are truly invested in doing this business the right way through solid marketing principles rooted in building authentic relationships with your market, your clients, your team and your community.

Informative Resources

Not sure if you need a social marketing strategy? Interested in learning more about ways to increase your sales and build your team online? Grab a beverage, get comfortable and click here to read my latest posts on all things social marketing for direct sales.

Recommended Tools and Systems

Looking for the right tools to help you create social content, manage your customer relationships and support your direct sales business process? Look no further. I’ve curated a list of the tools I’ve personally used and would recommend so you don’t have to spend hours researching the options and wasting money on things you don’t need.

In today’s modern marketplace, your clients want you to meet them where they are – ONLINE.  They want to know your Instagram profile…What’s your Facebook page?…Do you have a website?…Can I follow you on Pinterest?…Do you Tweet?  AHHH!!!  Suddenly you need a social media marketing plan and have no idea where to start or are completely overwhelmed by the idea.  I get it!  The world of social media is constantly changing…how are you supposed to keep up with all of that AND manage your business?  And what are all these “algorithms” you’re constantly hearing about?  How do you keep your business relevant online when it feels like your trying to hit a moving target?

Here’s the stark reality.  Yes, you do need a social marketing plan, and yes, you do need to market your product or service online.  That is where you’re going to get outside of the warm network of those who already know about your business and find new people in new markets – those who are actively looking for a solution to a problem; the solution your product or service provides.  Those new prospects are out there, looking for you right this very second.  Social marketing is how you will meet them where they are.  

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