Something happened today while talking to another direct sales consultant – twice. When something happens, it means that people are thinking about it. When it happens twice, we need to talk about it. And y’all know we love talking.

Today, a direct sales consultant told us she’s been struggling with original photos: she doesn’t like taking pictures, and can’t quite get the hang of PicMonkey. She said posting on Facebook was a burden, and she stresses over it, dreads it. Then she asked, “Brenda, do I have to be on Facebook? I really wish I could just write. I love writing, and I articulate myself better in writing.”

My answer?

This is your business.

You can be anywhere you want! You can run it however you want! You love writing? Start a blog! Start a newsletter! TALK to your community!

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Then someone tonight told us she is struggling on Instagram, and just can’t quite get the hang of it, and it’s not fun for her.

Same answer: then don’t be on Instagram!

So here’s the bottom line.

You do not need permission to do what you love. And you do not need permission to stop doing what you don’t love.

This is your business, and your social strategy.

Love videos? Awesome – rock YouTube!

Are you the best photographer you know? Then focus on Instagram. Are you at your very best when writing? Get your blog started, or get your newsletter started.

Find your voice and invite your community to listen.

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And if you need permission, consider this it. You have permission to let yourself be happy.

What we don’t want is someone to feel pressured to “be on a specific application.” We will do lots of different challenges in the Socialite Suite. They are designed to meet the majority – but certainly won’t meet the needs of everyone. If one doesn’t fit your groove, then it’s perfectly ok to watch that challenge from the sidelines with mild bemusement. Stay where you are happy, where you are thriving, and where you look forward to your engagement. We love four social places: Socialite Suite (a private VIP group, basically), the blog, the newsletter, and Pinterest.  We like PeriscopeInstagram, and the public Facebook page. We tolerate the rest (YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat etc.). Is it because those channels don’t work? Absolutely not – they simply aren’t where we’ve found our groove. We’d rather hang out where we’re happy. If someone is telling you that you must be on a specific channel, you need to ask yourself if you trust that guidance.

If you know anything about us by now, you know our true message is you be you. And that means you be you at every level.

Your voice, your content, and your channels.

And you don’t have to get permission for it, apologize for it, or stress about it.


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