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Note: This is the transcript from a podcast that is no longer in production.

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Hi!! this is Brenda Ster. Welcome to Deep Thoughts with Brenda. I’m the founder of the Socialite Suite – over a hundred thousand direct sellers on Facebook coming together in community, and you are welcome to come join us at thesocialitesuite.com. Today’s topic, Deep Thoughts by Brenda, the wall. You have just joined your direct sales business. So awesome. Congratulations! Welcome to the awesome and terrifying life of independent consultancy.

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As a new consultant, you were likely coached by your upline to have a launch party, maybe even start a Facebook page or group. Your family, friends, and acquaintances all peeked at your products, maybe supported you with some shopping, and maybe even hosted a party to help you get started.

The first few months were glorious. You were excited. You are making some money. Maybe you paid off your initial investment or your kit. Everyone was excited for you. And then you hit the wall.

What is this wall exactly?

The wall of your warm market.

Visualize yourself standing in the middle of a circle. The first ring around you is your inner circle. These are your friends and your close — these are your close friends and your family. The next ring out are your acquaintances. And then you hit the wall. Beyond the wall are the people three, four, or more levels removed from you who are friends of your friends. Beyond that are basically strangers. You don’t know those people personally, and you can only get to them through your network.

This is relationship marketing.

Why does it predictably take four to six months to have the edge of your wall? Because this is how long it takes to contact everyone you know, hold those introductory parties, and run out of people to talk to.

You might say “how the market is saturated.” Hey, guess what, probably not. You have just burned out everyone that you personally know. And what do you need now? You need strategy.

So we’re gonna cover eight tips to help you get beyond that warm network wall.

First develop a good follow-up strategy with those who have already shopped or hosted with you, including possibly developing a referral system. The people you’ve already done business with are the ones to make sure you’re continuing to take care of.

Number two, start seeking out vendor events to meet new people outside of your warm network. And then apply those follow-up strategies with those new contacts.

Number three, really work your 3 Ps of Social Content strategy, and make sure you aren’t constantly selling, selling, selling at everybody. They are going to start tuning out.

Not familiar with the 3 Ps yet? Feel free to grab the free e-book.

The 3 Ps stands for the mix of social content: personality, purposeful value, and promotional value. And our free e-book can be found at sassysuite.com/3ps.

Number four, start to apply that content strategy into your broader social channels such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, videos, live streams, or blogging, where there is less concentration of consultants from your brand. And work on funneling all those people back to your primary source – wherever you want them to go: to a Facebook page, to your group, or even to an email list.

Number five, develop a great hostess sourcing and coaching strategy, as your hostesses will be the link to their circle of friends.

Number six, continue to keep your warm network warm with engaging content that will help them get to know you as well as help you become referable.

Number seven, continue to work on your personal development to learn new marketing and funnel strategies. So, for example, thank you for listening to our podcast today!

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Number eight, if your brand allows you to do so, explore ad strategies such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or Pinterest ads.

Hitting the wall is very predictable. The challenge is whether you choose to see the ladder or the wall.

So thank you for joining us today. If you’re not yet in the Socialite Suite, come on over. We are a free, spam-free marketing and business tips group on Facebook for social sellers, and you can find us all at thesocialitesuite.com. Thanks so much for joining us today. I am Brenda Ster with deep thoughts with Brenda.

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