Consumers use Pinterest for three reasons: 1) inspiration, 2) education, or 3) preparation. This means our posts on Pinterest need to provide at least one of these needs. And while many times the photos we post on Pinterest can be very inspiring, most of the time it’s the words and links behind the scenes that really get us to jump into action. On the surface, Tailwind offers many of the same features other marketing tools offer: analytics, audience tracking, even profile optimization. However, when you pair Tailwind up with Pinterest, your marketing game can skyrocket from “good” to “amazing.

First, let’s take a look at the obvious: if you’re using Pinterest for marketing, timing matters. You have to get your pins posted live at just the right time to maximize the amount of engagement they will receive. Tailwind takes care of this with their smart calendar that will actually measure the engagement of your audience and put together a schedule that will pick the best times for your pins to be shared.

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In addition to timing, consistency is key for marketing. And Tailwind helps keep you consistent. By following its smart calendar, you can be sure that you are not over-pinning (even if you go on a pinning spree and start scheduling dozens right there on the spot). And it can make sure you’re not underpinning. Tailwind will make sure your Pinterest game stays consistent, so your pins are always appearing in feeds on Pinterest without flooding the platform.

Tailwind also gives you the ability to share the same pin to multiple boards without taking up any extra effort from you. This is key if you’re leveraging the power of Pinterest’s group boards to expand your reach and elevate your marketing efforts.

“But what if I don’t want to schedule pins? What if I like manually pinning them?” Well, you still need Tailwind to help utilize Pinterest for marketing. Here are several things you should be doing with Tailwind even if you never schedule a single pin.

  1. Tailwind’s pin and board analytics are more accurate and more in-depth than the analytics offered up by Pinterest. And you are able to filter out group boards so you can focus on your own boards. Or vice versa — filter out your boards so you can focus on the group boards and see which ones are working for you.
  2. The Pin Inspector on Tailwind analyzes the virality and engagement on individual pins, so you can see first hand which ones are getting the most action.
  3. Tailwind offers a profile analyzer complete with tips you can use to fill out your Pinterest profile to maximize your presence there.
  4. Manage more than one Pinterest account? You can manage them all easily using the Tailwind interface.
  5. Even if you want to pin manually, you can still take advantage of Tailwind’s smart calendar, making sure to manually pin at the times noted.
  6. Analyze and track your Pinterest boards. Just like Tailwind can help you keep your profile strong, Tailwind can also analyze your Pinterest Boards and give you tips on how to make them better.
  7. Tailwind’s blog is filled with helpful tips and tutorials on how to successfully use Pinterest for marketing.

Is it any wonder why we jumped at the chance to partner up with Tailwind to bring you a discount? Tailwind is that important to making your Pinterest work for you.

First, you can sign up for a free trial here. The free trials lasts for your first 100 scheduled pins to Pinterest or your first 30 scheduled posts to Instagram. You can run through these schedules as fast or as slow as you like.

Once your free trial is over, you’ll want to come back here to upgrade and Tailwind will give you $30 off their annual plan or 2 months free if you choose a monthly plan. (Want to forego the free trial and just sign up for the discount? You can do that, too).


Trying to master your Pinterest Marketing Strategy, but need a bit of help? Tailwind is more than a mere content scheduler for Pinterest. Read up on how Tailwind can help strengthen your Pinterest strategy. Don't forget to repin this for later!!

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