Our goal here in the Suite is to provide resources and content that teach online marketing for direct sellers.

We do that by leveraging ideas and strategies from Michael Stelzner (Social Media Examiner), Gary Vaynerchuk (Best selling author, and founder of Vayner Media), Kim Garst and Mari Smith (social and FB experts), and translating those ideas into strategies that would work specifically for direct sales.

Because, let’s face it, being in direct sales is not like being in any other type of business.

We focus on how to create original content, authentic engagement and community even when there are hundreds (or thousands) of other consultants selling what you sell.

What we don’t do is blame Facebook for “not showing our posts” or “not wanting us to sell.” This mindset that Facebook hates small business is neither conducive to doing business nor true.

And believe it or not, whenever Facebook changes something, it’s for the better – even if it takes a bit of getting used to.

So instead of focusing on how hard it is to market on Facebook, we focus on how to work with Facebook by recognizing the kinds of content that Facebook rewards.

Every expert out there will tell you that less is more, quality over quantity, and creating narrative that connects with your ideal reader. The theories of consumer behavior and social psychology are well established and very predictable:

  • We don’t typically engage with strangers.
  • We hate being “sold to”.
  • We hate feeling simply like a dollar sign.

Now, here’s the ultimate paradox.

It’s not in the corporate brand’s interest for you to look different from each other.

After all, they are representing a corporate brand.

This is why they provide gorgeous social media assets for their consultants to use. And with so many hundreds or thousands of active consultants sharing the same image at the same time — that looks great for the company.

However, it can really backfire for you.

If enough people unfollow/hide/mark that image as spam, then suddenly everyone’s reach drops – or they land in Facebook jail.

Is this Facebook’s fault? No – they want social authenticity. They want you to share things that are important to you, meaningful to your customers, and has your voice and message attached to it.

It’s our job as marketers to know that, and work with it.

And those who are doing that are thriving. It’s not “canned scripts” or “rhetoric.” It’s how Facebook marketing works and is what we teach.

So here’s a bit of tough love. Stop blaming Facebook.

Facebook isn’t out to get you, and thinking that Facebook cares one way or another about your personal ability to make a sale is a bit self-centered.

Start focusing on better social engagement. Learn how to leverage its many features and make the algorithm work in your favor. Learn to divest your risk and take up more than one social channel.

Learn how to put together a marketing strategy that works instead of butting your head against Facebook’s wall.

You’ve joined a great direct sales company – of course you want to share that. Facebook wants you to share that too! Facebook just also wants you to share it in a way that makes it meaningful to your friends and family, rather than just about your sales.

Owning your own business doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own! Come hang out with me over on Facebook!


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