Team Engagement Guide for Direct Sales Leaders


Are you struggling to keep your team engaged and motivated to sell and sponsor? How are you inspiring and leading your team to increased performance?

Motivating and effectively leading your team is a hidden struggle for many direct sales leaders.  But it’s a critical piece of your overall business success.  Cultivating a strong team culture not only makes your organization more attractive to join, it spurs increased performance for all team members in both sales and sponsoring.  And when your team volume goes up, so does your paycheck!

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NEW FOR 2021!  If you're not sure what to post or how to engage with your team to keep them motivated in business, grab my newly revised Team Engagement Strategy Guide and let me help you build a thriving team!

As a direct sales leaders, one of your goals is to coach, inspire and lead your team so they continue to build volume and membership.  But in direct sales, consultants are often part of many upline, downline and brand groups.  In order to make YOUR group stand out, we want to create a compelling mix of content that inspires community, creates fun connections, coaches and trains and provides value your team can't find anywhere else.  That is what will give them reason to stay connected to your community, stay active on your team, and use your team as part of their sponsoring value and leverage.

This guide will provide you with purposeful, promotional and engaging personality focused post prompts as well as themed contents arcs that promote sponsoring, sales, booking, follow-up and social growth activities.  You'll also receive a list of ideas for live content, recognition content as well as sample outlines in calendar format so you can see how you can pull together the ideas into a cohesive plan, month after month.

It's time to stand out as a leader in your field - grab your Team Engagement Strategy Guide today!

Note:  This product is a revised, expanded version of the Direct Sales Leadership Calendar product offered in 2019-early 2020.  


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