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I help people start and grow a profitable business by building an authentic and effective social marketing strategy.

I Value your Time

Social media marketing is a long-term strategy, but you need results fast. That’s why I’ve developed my tips and strategies to help bring in those early results while helping you build a sustainable business.

I Value your Needs

I don’t believe in a one-strategy-to-rule-them-all approach to social media marketing. Rather, you need to build the strategy that will work best for your business and your audience.

I Value your Goals

Your goals on social media are unique to you, and they deserve a strategy designed specifically to help you achieve those goals. I offer resources to help you find exactly what you need when you need it.

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Ready to divest your risk from Facebook?

Looking to expand your customer base and increase your visibility online?

List your business on Sassy Direct – the leading online directory & microblogging platform for direct sellers & small business owners.

 Benefits to Listing Your Business On Sassy Direct:Sassy Direct blog post image

  • Amplify Your Online Presence with a Customized Profile
  • Improve Your Local Visibility & Expand Your Warm Market
  • Expand Your Reach Through Proven Search Engine Optimization
  • Build Social Proof Through Published Customer Reviews

Sassy Direct is the cornerstone piece to building an online marketing strategy for your small business. Our highly optimized platform will help you develop your business reputation, increase online visibility, and place you in top search results of major search engines.

List Your Business For As Little As $5!

Plan Options Available For Any Budget

Interested in blogging but intimidated by SEO, keywords and site hosting?

We get it!

Blogging about your products, services and business opportunity can be a great way to expand your market but building and maintaining your own site can be time consuming and technically overwhelming.

Enjoy a 14-day FREE Trial of a Premium Listing!

A Premium listing on Sassy Direct can provide you with the features and funnel benefits of having your own site including member articles, photo & video albums, coupons, event listings and more!  Plus, you get the added benefit of a highly optimized platform that receives over a quarter millions page views per month.

Start My 14-Day Free Trial of a Premium Listing Now!

Member Success

“I’m so glad I found Sassy Direct! I impulsively joined a brand new direct sales company and signed up with Sassy Direct because I know their member articles rank high on Google searches. I wrote an article and the very next day I had someone join my team after reading it! Once our company announced an expansion to another country, I wrote another article and soon had two women read it and sign up. I’ve written 22 articles now and I received new customers, team members and women joining my Facebook group daily. I’ve promoted five times in the company after only a few short months and the only thing I’m doing differently is using Sassy Direct. It’s the best thing I’ve done for my business!” – Maria Manetas, Tori Belle Cosmetics

“SassyDirect is a valuable tool in my online funnel! People go to Google when they are looking for things, and SassyDirect is helping me get found!”Betsy Dirks, doTERRA

“Sassy Direct is a fantastic platform! It directs multiple new customers weekly to my shopping website from the articles I write on Sassy Direct!”Alicia Faulk-Horton, Paisley Raye

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Whether you just want the done-for-you content packs to post online, need specific guidance on a tactical strategy, are looking for a keynote subject matter speaker, wish to join my mastermind community, or want to work with me privately to build your social marketing strategy, let’s make it happen! What are you waiting for?

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