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Stop juggling all the smallest tasks and learn how to set up and execute effective systems for your direct sales or independently owned small business with these valuable resources.

Collaborative Communities

Are you engineering back-end systems for lead generation, funnel management and growth? Join my free online community for the information, support and collaboration that will help you find success on your personal journey. 

Informative Resources

Not sure if you need a social marketing strategy? Interested in learning more about current market trends as well as tips and tricks for managing your online presence? Click below to read my latest posts on all things social marketing for small business.

Recommended Tools and Systems

There are hundreds upon hundreds of tools out there promising to simplify or streamline your business processes. Who has time to test them all?! Click here to view my toolbox of recommended tools and resources to support your online business strategy.

Latest Articles on Small Business News

Social Warm up in Direct Sales

Social Warm up in Direct Sales

Just what is social warm up in direct sales? Let's face it -- direct sales has a bit of a reputation. And it's not entirely un-earned. By practicing social warm up in your direct sales business, you can avoid being lumped in with all the direct sellers who are out...

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Outcome-Based Goals

Outcome-Based Goals

What are outcome-based goals? Outcome-based goals are manageable goals that focus on the immediate numbers we're after. They help us keep track of where we are on the roadmap to our ultimate goals. If you're having trouble settings outcome-based goals, listen to this...

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