On a scale of “what system” to “rocking the content curation” where would you say your content curation workflow lined up?

[click_to_tweet tweet=”On a scale of ‘what system’ to ‘rocking the content curation’ where would you say your content curation workflow lined up?” quote=”On a scale of ‘what system’ to ‘rocking the content curation’ where would you say your content curation workflow lined up?” theme=”style1″]

If you’re like some of the others we’ve talked to over the past few weeks, then your answer is probably somewhere in the middle: you know you need to find and gather content, and when you put your mind to it, you can usually find really good content. But you don’t actually have a system in place for the express purpose of gathering, filtering, and sharing content with your audience.



But that’s okay!! In this week’s Twitter Chat, we talked about putting together such a system and how it can save you time and headaches. We even talked a bit about some of the tools you can use to put your system together. Here are some of our favorite quotes from this chat:

  • A3. Content curation is, in a nutshell, gathering content from around the web to share it with your audience. #SocialMarketingChat
  • Q3 – #SocialMarketingChat Can I just say that I LOVE this topic? 😍 To me, content curation is pulling together my ideas into a cohesive content plan – graphics, blog posts, topics I want to discuss with my communities, and so on.
  • Twitter Lists are an awesome tool for sifting out the rest of the noise on Twitter and just finding the content you’re interested in. We use them too. #SocialMarketingChat
  • A8. Add your own voice to it. Just like you don’t want to be the only one talking in the room, you also don’t want someone else doing all the talking. #SocialMarketingChat
  • Q8 – #SocialMarketingChat By curating the content as ideas, but then recreating it to make it your own – ex: instead of using corporate images, I make my own. Or instead of using the corporate blog – I’ll write my own post on my own blog.

#SocialMarketingChat - Content Curation Workflows

Check out the rest of the chat below!!


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