Do you ever feel like you’re staring at a social media marketing puzzle and the photo on the lid is missing? Like there are 1000 little pieces that can only come together in a specific way, and you can’t see the finished picture until you’ve finished?

After speaking at a training in Wisconsin, I was chatting with someone. She said that she’s felt like she’s spinning her wheels – lots of activity on lots of places, but not feeling like any one of them was getting traction. But things are just now starting to click.

Yes. This is completely normal.

There isn’t one thing that will make your social marketing plan work. It’s 1,000 little things, that cumulatively all add up to big impact.

And then suddenly, almost all at once, things start clicking. And all these little disjointed efforts seem to start humming, people start finding you across platforms, your content mix starts getting better engagement, funnels start working, your hashtags start getting better reach, Google finds you, and people are coming to you, versus you feeling like you’re constantly pushing.

It’s like a 1,000 piece puzzle.

  • There are 1,000 little pieces.
  • You know these little pieces make up a bigger picture, but you don’t know what that picture is just yet.
  • Fitting these pieces together is going to take time, skill, and strategy.
  • You have to plan and solve for problems as you build.
  • It has a specific and measurable outcome.
  • It’s fun — I mean let’s face it, it really is. If you didn’t like social media marketing, you probably would never have joined your direct sales company.

Piecing Together The Social Media Marketing Puzzle

When you first start working in direct sales, you’re staring at totally scattered and disjointed pieces strewn across the dining room table with no idea what the final picture might be. Will you rely primarily on Facebook? Will you have an Instagram strategy? What about a blog? Can you use Pinterest? Should you try LinkedIn?

What about videos? How do those fit in?

And once you join these other channels, then what? How will people find you? And will the people who find you actually buy from you?

How do followers translate into sales?

There are so many questions — and unfortunately you have to start moving those pieces around before you can find a lot of the answers.

It’s not until pieces find other pieces that the picture starts to form, and the whole puzzle gains momentum.

Ah – this piece goes there, and this piece goes over here…. ah I see it now!

Yes there’s the picture!

Social marketing isn’t fast. Putting together a 1,000 piece social media marketing puzzle isn’t fast.

And one piece won’t make your puzzle complete. Keep working on the individual pieces until you start to see the picture and gain the momentum and confidence to propel you forward.

Owning your own business doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own! Come hang out with me over in my free Facebook group: Social Marketing for Direct Sales, with Brenda Ster.


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