Congratulations on your purchase of my Done-For-You Content Calendar! This calendar is designed to save you time and effort in figuring out what to post each day.

This post will help you understand how to use the calendar for your own social postings

First, you’ll notice that the calendar is color coded. The colors map to four categories of posts:

  • Holidays,
  • Personality posts,
  • Purposeful posts, and
  • Promotional posts.

These align with my coaching of 3Ps Social Content.

There is also one social prompt per day. If you usually post more than once per day, that’s perfectly fine. Just use a prompt from a different day, and continue to keep the 3Ps balance in your social posting.

If a specific prompt doesn’t apply to your business, be flexible! You can use this calendar in any way that suits your business needs. I’ve seen people follow it in exact order, and others cross off days with a Sharpie as they use them throughout the month in random order. You can look ahead to the whole year, and pull ideas from future months to make the calendar work for you.

You’ll notice that there are only 4-6 directly promotional activities each month. These are your overtly promotional actions. But your Purposeful and Personality posts can also include hints of product or promotion, as you’re building credibility and trust with your community.

There are additional graphics packs available for those who don’t have the time or interest to create your own images.

  • Holiday pack
  • Motivational quotes pack
  • Blank Template pack
  • Or, bundle all three packs for a discount!

My goal is to make your social posting easier so you’re not continually scrambling with “what do I post today?!”

If this helps you save time and effort, we’ll call this a success!

Want to learn more about monetization for beginners? Grab my free e-book, 20 Ways to Monetize Your Social Strategy, here. Want to connect with fellow small business owners and build your social media empire together? Check out my free group on Facebook: Social Boss Collective.


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