One of Instagram’s features that has given many a business owner, blogger, and marketer headaches is that bio link. That one bio link. If you wanted to add more than one link to your Instagram bio, you were out of luck. The only options open to you were to either 1) pick your favorite link and try to only send people there, 2) constantly switch out the link to one that is relevant to your latest posts on Instagram, or 3) create your own landing page that could include multiple links. Finally, Tap Bio offers everyone a viable solution that doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or time to set up.

Why do you need multiple links in your Instagram profile?

Instagram allows influencers, authors, creatives, educators, and coaches to show off their artistic sides. And let’s be honest, Instagram’s decision to limit where you can place clickable links is part of what makes that channel so popular — browse the artistic side of your favorite people without the fear of spam or dead links. As a follower, it’s a wonderful channel to scroll through and stare in awe at everyone’s artistry and photography skills.

But, influencers, authors, creatives, educators, and coaches often want to show you more than one thing. And that means being able to link out to more than one thing. Even from a consumer perspective: if you see a painting you want to buy, you want to be able to find it for sale without having to navigate through 15 links to find out how much it costs. So while the one-link-only policy has led to a great Instagram experience, it’s caused a few headaches for anyone trying to invite followers off site to see that art up close.

What is Tap Bio?

Tap Bio is a new service that offers you the ability to create personalized, branded mini websites filled with all the links you want to share with your Instagram (or any other channel) followers. The idea itself is brilliant: a site builder for mobile landing pages. Tap Bio brings you a user-friendly interface and makes it easy for you to create a landing page designed especially for mobile users.

But it goes beyond that.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Tap Bio is a new marketing tool that will help you highlight multiple links in your Instagram profile without losing the advantage of a single call to action.” quote=”Tap Bio is a new marketing tool that will help you highlight multiple links in your Instagram profile without losing the advantage of a single call to action.” theme=”style1″]

Tap Bio uses an interface they call “cards.” These cards each act as a separate extension of your landing page. What’s more, each card you add to your account can have a different function. Have a simply call to action you want to use to funnel people to a specific point? Use the Link Card. Want to be able to create links from your Instagram posts to send people to specific links? Use the Instagram Card. Just want a nice profile with links to your other social media channels? Tap Bio has you covered there, too.

What makes Tap Bio different from other mini-landing pages?

Having a landing page to house all your separate links is a great idea. However, consumer psychology plays a major role in any social media marketing strategy. Statistically, when a consumer is shown a list of links, he or she will click only on the one they are searching for. If they did not reach that page with any intent, then they will click on one link (usually the first link they see) and 86% of viewers will not go back to click on another link.

This means that having a single link can still be strategic: show a consumer only one link and they are more likely to click on that one. So while other mini-landing page builders have worked hard to allow you to create lists of links, Tap Bio has integrated the psychology and importance of having a single call to action in view, thereby increasing the chances of your viewer following through and clicking on that link. By using separate cards, you can create a card specific to your call to action.

How much does it cost?

Tap Bio offers different levels, including a free account that includes one card of your choice, one profile card, and one friends card. The friends card is a group of all partners and affiliates of Tap Bio that invites your visitors to join Tap Bio. For $5 per month, you can get analytics plus three more cards of your choice. And for $12 a month, you can turn off the friends card and manage three Instagram accounts each with unlimited cards.

What are some ways you could use these cards?

  1. As already mentioned, you could have a nicely branded profile card that includes a short bio and links to your other social media channels
  2. As already mentioned, you could use the Instagram card to automatically show off any Instagram posts that include a link to any site.
  3. Create a call to action for your special offer.
  4. Create a special card to highlight a product or service
  5. Customer shoutouts
  6. Create a special card inviting viewers to join your group
  7. Create a card to highlight your blog posts.

Tap Bio is a new marketing tool that will help you highlight multiple links in your Instagram profile without losing the advantage of a single call to action. Ready to try it out? Sign up and see how easy it is to use!! Then come back and tell us how their amazing service has helped you level up your Instagram game.


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