What goes into writing a Pinterest profile? Probably more than you think.

The answer to everything is on Pinterest.

Need to build your blog? Get on Pinterest.

Trying to boost your sales? Get on Pinterest.

Want to succeed in affiliate marketing? Pinterest.

Find funny quotes to share on your business page? Pinterest.

Everywhere you look, someone is telling you to get onto Pinterest. But, being on Pinterest isn’t enough. You still have to give people a reason to follow you, share your pins, and ultimately follow your pins back to your shop, your blog, or your community.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”You have to give people a reason to follow you, share your pins, and ultimately follow your pins back to your shop, your blog, or your community.” quote=”You have to give people a reason to follow you, share your pins, and ultimately follow your pins back to your shop, your blog, or your community.” theme=”style1″]

That’s where your Pinterest profile comes into play. By writing a good Pinterest bio, you can not only help other people discover you (and your brilliant content), but you’ll also compel them to follow you and continue sharing your content – thereby expanding your reach and increasing your views — both of which should be part of your overall strategy if you’re going to use Pinterest as part of your marketing plan.

Here are three steps to writing out the perfect Pinterest bio to attract more followers.

1. Make sure your name includes your branding.

You have 30 characters to use for your business name on Pinterest — use them wisely. In most cases, you want to use the name of your business or your blog title so your branding will be consistent with the rest of your social profiles.

If you have a short name, like we do, then you will want to try to include a phrase that explains who you are a bit more. No one really understands who “Sassy Suite” is until they meet us. But most people do understand what “social marketing” means, so we paired the two up for our business name:

How to Write the Perfect Pinterest Profile, screenshot sassy suite name

This is important because while most people on Pinterest are probably not searching for “Sassy Suite,” many are searching for “social marketing” — and we want to show up when people search for that.

2. Make sure your Pinterest profile photo shows who you are.

Unlike Facebook, most of the traffic coming to your Pinterest profile is going to be from people who don’t know you — so it’s more important that your profile photo be of you and your smiling face. You can make it of your logo if you want, but that cuts the personality right out of your business — which means you would have to work harder at the other aspects of your profile to make up for it.

Only use your logo if you’re using it across other channels. If at all possible, you should be using the same profile photo on every social platform that you use for business. This will make sure that you are a part of your branding, so people will begin to recognize you on various channels.

Writing a Pinterest Profile - screenshot profile Photo

As you can see, for our profile photo, we use a standard photo of Brenda and Windy, smiling. It’s full of personality and warmth without losing that professionalism that lets people know that we know what we’re talking about. It’s the same profile photo that we use on our other channels, as well, from Instagram, to Twitter, to Facebook and even as the background for our Tap Bio profile. And when we change the profile photo on one of our channels, we are careful to go through and change the photo on all our channels to make sure they always match.

3. Make sure your Pinterest description explains what you do.

Your Pinterest description has just 160 characters to explain who you are and what you do. And the easiest way to do that is to write how you help. Are you a coach? Great — what problems do you help solve? Are you a blogger? Then write what people will learn from your blog. An advocate for something? Awesome!! Be sure to include how you are advocating for your audience.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Tip Number 3: Make sure your Pinterest description explains what you do.” quote=”Tip Number 3: Make sure your Pinterest description explains what you do.” theme=”style1″]

The real trick is to make sure that your Pinterest profile explains who you are without spelling it out for everyone. You don’t get a lot of space here (only 160 characters, remember?), so you don’t want to waste any of that by saying “I am a blogger” or “I am a coach.” Don’t write it, just prove it by letting people know what they will get by following you.

Take a look at our profile for example. We are social marketing coaches…what will you get from following us on Pinterest?

Writing a Pinterest Profile - Screenshot profile Description
  • Learn how to use social media for small business
  • Use that knowledge to boost sales and gain new clients
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing

You’ll notice, we skipped over “we are social marketing coaches” and the “we’ll teach you how to…” bits and we went straight for the keywords people search for. In fact, we’ve used specific keywords throughout our profile to help make sure that our profile comes up whenever people are searching on Pinterest:

Writing a Pinterest Profile - Keywords screenshot

Bonus number 4 — claim your Website!!

If you have your own website or blog, then you don’t want to skip this step!! By claiming your website, you ensure that your profile gets attached to every pin that comes from that site — no matter who pinned it. This makes it much easier for new people to find you. Plus, by claiming your website, it means you won’t have to use up some of that precious real estate in your description to place your website:

Writing a Pinterest Profile - Screenshot profile Website

If you can’t claim your website, don’t worry. You can still add the website URL into your description.

So, what goes into putting together the perfect Pinterest profile? A lot, actually! To write the perfect profile, you have to think about what you want to say, and how you’re going to say it. Most of us can explain what we do and for whom when we’re given free reign to talk about ourselves, our passions, and our business. But stepping into restrictions like those on Pinterest makes it so we have to really think about what we want to say and how — we have to turn our business into a 160-character elevator pitch. And every character needs to earn its spot on that profile.


How to write the perfect Pinterest profile - blog title overlay

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