This is a challenging time for the direct sales industry,

And that means there's a huge opportunity

I help party plan direct sales companies face today’s challenges through new growth opportunities.

Why work with Brenda Ster?

I Value your Time

Social media marketing is a long-term strategy, but you need results fast. That’s why I offer both tips and strategies designed to bring in early results all while helping you build a sustainable training program for your field.

I Value your Needs

I don’t believe in a one-strategy-to-rule-them-all approach to social media marketing or business branding. Rather, I’ll help you build the strategy that will work best for your business and your consultants.

I Value your Goals

Your goals are unique to your company and they deserve a strategy designed specifically to help you reach them. I offer insights and resources including new paths and outlets to help you achieve those goals fast.

About Me

I have worked with thousands of direct sales consultants running party-plan businesses. These consultants come to me with varying levels of experience in business from companies of all sizes. Yet they all seem to come across many of the same struggles:

  1. How can I stand out in this field?
  2. How can I grow my customer base?
  3. How can I increase my bottom line?

After 7 years of helping direct sales consultants find the answers to these struggles, I realized I could help more consultants by going straight to the top: helping their companies identify areas of growth, training, and inspiration that will raise their bottom line and help their consultants reach new levels of success.

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Proven Success

Numbers Don’t Lie

Since 2015, thousands of direct sales consultants have gone through my training and courses. 84% of these consultants have seen an engagement increase in just the first month and 9% of them have seen an increase in revenue within the first 12 months. Imagine what these numbers could do for your company.


Engagement Increase


Revenue Increase

Think about what you could do if 9% of your entire field were able to increase their sales consistently?

I’ve proudly worked with leaders from:

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